WALL: David Chain - A Perspective (fwd)

Bob Taylor rtaylor at ns.net
Sun Sep 27 12:38:17 EST 1998

> > > Some of us didn't miss the '60s, but we did manage to grow up and put aside
> > > childish things.
> > >
> > > Bob Taylor
> >
> > Well, that just proves that you really DID miss the '60s. Just like Newt
> > Gingrich.
>  I should point out that I missed the '60s, too... :) but the way I see
> it, it's a state of mind, not a place or a limited time frame.
>  Aiding and supporting the destruction of Life on Earth, now THAT is
> stupid and childish. And it's certainly not a suggestion that someone
> have "grown up". Whatever that means...
>  Amos

OK then, let's get serious.  Please tell me what "Life on Earth" is being destroyed
by cutting PL's remaining old-growth redwoods.  Not marbled murrelets.  There are
tens of thousands of them elsewhere on the North American coast.  Not spotted
owls.  Good evidence suggests that they don't care for old-growth redwoods.  Coho
salmon?  Perhaps minimal damage to a few out of the many hundreds of streams they
inhabit in California.  Not even to the redwood trees themselves.  The same genetic
individuals will resprout from the roots and stumps of the fallen trees.

There are lots of worthwhile environmental issues to fight over, but this is not
one of them.  The appeal of the Earth First! campaign against PL is little more
than the adrenalin rush of a good fight.engaged in with lots of moral certainty and
little thought.

Bob Taylor

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