WALL: David Chain - A Perspective (fwd)

dr. digger no.damn.spam at digger`s.farm
Mon Sep 28 03:24:52 EST 1998

Amos Keppler <asterdisnospam at hl.telia.no> wrote:

> Shadow wrote:
> > Then I guess you'd be happy to live on Mars, where there are no trees or
> > other tiresome natural objects. Who cares about trees anyway? Hope you &
> > Hurwitz get what you deserve: a planet of concrete!
> > 
> > EArth First! Progress Last@@
>  Yep, the fuckers should all be exported to Mars, where their dreams
> come true, where they get the world exactly as they desire.
>  Of course that's wishful thinking on our part.

Why are you so eager to destroy Mars?  No matter how hostile it might
seem to you, its natural balance is as delicate and fragile as the
Arctic, and takes even longer for its scars to heal.

Mars is as pristine as the Earth was a million years ago, and it
should be kept that way.  Just because the Earth has already been
raped by mankind, does not mean we should do the same to Mars.

dr. digger

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