Logging Fatalities

BACKCUT backcut at aol.com
Mon Sep 28 10:44:55 EST 1998

It never ceases to amaze me, the ignorance of some people.  Management is the
worst, whether they are from Logging companies, Bureaucratic organizations
(Federal, State, County, Municipal or Military) or Environmental groups.

Apparently, most people don't realize how dangerous a Chain Saw can be.  EVERY
YEAR, in the USA alone, there are approximately 40,000 Chain Saw related
injuries.  On average, 150 people die EVERY YEAR, because of the use or misuse
of Chain Saws.

There are many rules and regulations that must be learned before a Chain Saw is
even started up.  There are many, many, many more rules that must be learned
before actually using the Chain Saw.  When "ANY ONE" of these rules is
forgotten or not learned, tragedies can and do occur, as was in the case of the
earth first protestor.

Apparently, he was not taught the significance of staying "OVER" 2 tree lengths
away from a tree that is about to be cut.  The number of people who have been
killed because of the dominoe effect is uncountable, throughout mankinds
existence.  Folks, it is called COMMON SENSE.

It is unfortunate that another life was lost.  The really sad part is that
apparently the protestor either ignored this rule or was never told about it by
his "steering committee" of fellow environmentalists.

A logging operation is a dangerous environment where many "Professionals" are
killed each and every year.  I have helped pack out 3 good friends, all
"Professional Timber Fallers" with many years of experience, who's jokes I will
never be able to laugh at again.  To send in a few naive and untrained people
to protest a logging operation, in this manner, is the same as sending someone
off of a suburban street and having them going out and standing up, waving a
peace sign between two warring factions, who happen to be using live

The faller who cut the tree must live with this the rest of his life.  The
protestor no longer has a life to live.  Everyone around these two people
(family and friends) will be affected for the rest of their lives.  The
"Management" of earth first will move on, using this incident to further their
cause by pointing fingers away from themselves as fast and as furiously as they
can in order to shift the real blame for this incident.  There is nothing like
a "Martyr" to hide behind.

How many times have we all seen this?  This young man was used as "Cannon
Fodder" and it makes me sick to my stomach.

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