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FAST TRACK DEFEATED:  The House of Representatives voted
Friday 243-180 to reject the fast track bill, reports Reuters.  The bill
would give the president the authority to negotiate trade bills that could
not be altered by Congress.  Many Democrats who had previously
supported the bill voted against it in protest to the Republican tactics to
embarrass the president.  Business and farm groups wanted the
president to have fast track authority in order to liberalize global
agriculture trade.  Labor unions and environmental groups opposed the
bill because it did not allow labor and environmental issues to be
addressed in free trade agreements.

UTAH WILDERNESS:  The Forest Service land in Utah is currently
being inventoried for potential wilderness areas, reports The Salt Lake
Tribune.  The forests will be revising their forest management plans
and environmentalists hope the inventory will include more roadless
tracts because they can be considered wilderness by Congress.   Utah
forests have 773,818 acres of wilderness now,  said Dick Carter,
director of the High Uintas Preservation Council,  There are at least
300,000 more acres which could be considered wilderness, if the Forest
Service is doing their job correctly.   Wild Utah Forest Campaign are
completing their own inventory of the land.   There s some really large
and substantial discrepancies between what s mapped out and what s on
the ground,  said Kevin Mueller, WUFC s roadless area coordinator.

RELIGIOUS APPEAL:  The Houston Jewish community is seeking to
bring Maxxam Corporation President, Charles Hurwitz, in front of a
Beit Din, a Jewish court of law, to stop the destructive logging
practices of The Pacific Lumber Company.  Alan Rosenberg and
Annette Lamoreaux, members of the Houston Jewish community, have
observed The Pacific Lumber Company s refusal to end their
destructive practices in California for the past several years.   I am
particularly troubled about the logging practices of Pacific Lumber that
have impacted their neighbors in Humboldt County,  states Annette
Lamoreaux.  Alan Rosenberg adds,  The idea of appealing to our
religious community in an effort to change the business practices of one
of our members and make Mr. Hurwitz behave more responsibly could
have far reaching implications for all business and religious groups in
this country. 

GREEN INQUISITION:  Southwest Regional Forester Eleanor Towns
has refused to provide Rep. Don Young (R-AK), House Committee
Resources Chairman, with information regarding her employees 
affiliation with environmental groups, reports the September 22, 1998
New Mexican.  She said that  requiring her employees to provide such
information would violate their privacy and their freedom-of-expression
rights under the First Amendment.   In July Young requested the
information after ranchers were outraged with a settlement to remove
cattle from grazing allotments in New Mexico and Arizona. 
Environmentalists condemned Young s request as a  witch hunt 
against federal employees.


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