melia azedarach

Monique Reed monique at
Wed Sep 30 08:22:41 EST 1998

Send someone to Texas.  It's a fence-row weed tree down here.  You can have 
all you want and pull the trees up, too, while you're at it.

Seriously, what is your price?

M. Reed

>Melia azedarach or 
Chinaberry or Texas umbrelle tree or Persian lilac.

>We would like to buy young leaves of melia azedarach. Leaves have to be
>frozen straight away after the crop. We urgently need about 2 tons.
>Thank you very much.
>Viviane Mahé
>Archimex - France
>tel. : + 33 2 97 47 06 00
>fax : + 33 2 97 47 56 90

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