WALL: David Chain - A Perspective (fwd)

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Wed Sep 30 13:43:20 EST 1998

Michael Pelletier wrote:
> In article <3611CE4E.2DB3 at hl.telia.no>,
>         Amos Keppler  <asterdisnospams at hl.telia.no> wrote:
> > However I should point out that I used Mars as an example of a
> >lifeless, barren planet, that Earth could and will, turn out to be if
> >the destructive forces of civilization is allowed to work much longer.
> > That's why the fuckers who want to destroy it all should have a place
> >for themselves, where they may destroy all they want, a place where they
> >may never hurt others, a black hole preferably. The way I understand it,
> >that's a place virtually limitless and where one secong stretch over an
> >infinite timeperiod...
> Mars got to be lifeless and barren without any help at all from humanity.
> Nature is a far more powerful and comprehensive destroyer than humanity
> could ever hope to be.
>         -Mike Pelletier.

Nature can't destroy nature. There wasn't anything on Mars for nature to

Humanity is so stupid it destroys it's own sustainable home, the Earth.
And most of this destruction is all for the sake of that tiny percentage
that get most of the wealth, thanks to the near infinite stupidity of
the rest of mankind too brainwashed to resist.

Joe Zorzin

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