melia azedarach

Monique Reed monique at
Wed Sep 30 12:40:35 EST 1998

Should have nice-sized ones by the end of March.  Still in leaf now, end of 
September/beginning of October.  You can have as much as you want!  This is a 
weak-wooded tree that practically heaves limbs at cars, drops big leaves and 
messy/stinky fruits, and has invaded East Texas.  The seeds are like 
ball-bearings--stepping on one can send you plummeting to an early death.  The 
fruits ferment on the tree the spring after they ripen, causing all the local 
birds to have an orgy and then smash into the windows.  The only nice thing 
about this plant is how wonderful it looks all covered with purple flowers and 
full of a flock of cedar waxwings.  (Until the waxwings slam into the windows.)

M. Reed.

>Seriously, can you tell me when leaves appear in melia in Texas ?
>Viviane Mahé

>Monique Reed a écrit:

>> Send someone to Texas.  It's a fence-row weed tree down here.  You can have
>> all you want and pull the trees up, too, while you're at it.
>> Seriously, what is your price?
>> M. Reed
>> >Melia azedarach or
>> Chinaberry or Texas umbrelle tree or Persian lilac.
>> >We would like to buy young leaves of melia azedarach. Leaves have to be
>> >frozen straight away after the crop. We urgently need about 2 tons.
>> >Thank you very much.
>> >Viviane Mahé

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