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(To be read in ye best Scottish accent)

A forester from Scotland decided to work on his doctoral thesis in Canada.
He resided near Algonquin Park, and was continually amazed and impressed by
the diverse, beautiful fauna and flora that Ontario had to offer. So excited
by all of this was he, that he called upon his good friend from Inverness to
come for a visit.

At first, his friend was reluctant. "What de ye hae en Canada that we
do'e'nt hae here en Scotland?" He asked.

"Billy, well ye no' lesten tae me for aince. I'll e'en pay yer pass tae fly
here, ye just got tae come!"

Well, not wanting to pass up a free trip, Billy boarded the next flight for
Toronto. By and by, he had travelled North, met with his friend, and had
been convinced to take a scenic tour of Ontarian Boreal forest through the
window of a bush plane.

All the way through the trip, Billy was cynical. "Och, ye ken that we've go'
lake bigger than that, right near Inverness," he said, "You'll no' be
fergetting aboot Loch Ness!!"

And then: "What's this? Ye bring me all the way across the bloody ocean, tae
see trees? We got trees back in Scotland!"

All of the sudden, however, Billy saw something that he had never seen
before in his life.

"Alex? D'ye see that greet big broon thing doon there?"

"Well, of course I doo," replied the proud forester.

"Well, what is it, then?"

"That, my good Billy, that sir is a moose."

Billy sat back in his seat in disbelief. He was silent for all of two
seconds, and then he said, astonished, "If that's a moose, I'd hate tae
seethe size of your rats..."

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