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LANDSCOPE, News and Views from American Lands - August 5, 1999

Citizens Oppose Increase in Aspen Clearcutting

Western Colorado Congress (WCC) recently drafted a letter to the Senate
asking them to oppose the $2 million provision Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell
(R-CO) added to the Interior Appropriations Bill for clearcutting aspen
trees on Colorado's Mesa-Uncompaghre-Gunnison and White River National
Forests.  The provision comes as a result of a request by the
Louisiana-Pacific Corporation, a major contributor to Sen. Campbell's
election campaign.

. . . The rationale for this $2 million increase in logging subsidies is an
imaginary "forest health" crisis, and the "disappearance of aspen" across
the West which can only be remedied by clearcutting.  A report prepared by
WCC provides scientific evidence that you do not need to clearcut aspen to
regenerate the stands.  Moreover, these funds are being appropriated for
money-losing timber sales.  Former Forest Service forester Walt Rule said,
"Aspen is almost always a below-cost sale."  For more information, a copy of
the letter or any of the reports contact Matt Sura with Western Colorado
Congress at 970/256- 7650 or mailto:wcc at

Georgia Forest Watch Retreat: September 24-26 Georgia Forest Watch will be
having its annual weekend retreat.  There will be many speakers, including
Tim Ingalsbee, Ph.D. giving a lesson on fire ecology.  For more information
contact Lynn Cumiskey at Lcumiskey at

Rural Schools and Students Used As Pawns: Carol Wright, director of the
Klamath Forest Alliance and former school superintendent, wrote an op-ed
appearing in the Sacramento Bee 7/30 calling for the de-linking of timber
sale receipts and county payments.  She emphasized that sustainable levels
of logging do not provide adequate funding for schools and fluctuating
market-based wood prices make school budget planning very difficult.  Wright
cited the Administration's proposed decoupling, flat payment program and a
potential increase in Payment-In-Lieu-of-Taxes (PILT) payments as potential
alternatives. "Funding education by cutting down trees is shortchanging our
future," Wright said.  "Our children deserve better."  Carol Wright can be
contacted at mailto:author at

National Forests Gone Batty:  In response to a 60-Day Notice of Intent to
Sue on behalf of the endangered Indiana bat by the Native Forest Network,
the Green Mountain National Forest has halted all summer logging.
Similarly, a temporary stop of logging in four counties, Graham, Swain,
Cherokee, and Macon, in North Carolina's Nantahala National Forest came as a
result of the discovery of the Indiana bat in the forest.  The Southern
Appalachian Biodiversity Project has filed a Notice of Intent to Sue aimed
at halting all logging in the Nantahala and Pisgah National Forests to
protect the bat.  For more information contact Andrew George with SABP at
mailto:andrew at or the Native Forest Network at
mailto:nfnena at   

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