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> COMMENT BY POSTER: A cursory glance doesn't show much compelling
> evidence for the timber industry here. BTW, why do articles always say
> "timber industry" vs. "environmentalists", like there are no
> environmentalists in the timber industry? Is it just an attempt to cause
> alienation? Or is it an attempt to justify a position?

Americans live and die by professional sports teams.  They want clear-cut 
(oooooh, I really did that!) divisions between sides or they lose 
interest.  Newspapers feed that by sticking to labels.

As it happens, Lone Rock Timber is a local group for me.  It's the tree 
growing arm of Sun Studs, a mill that I drive past on my way to work 
every morning.  I have taken classes from Lone Rock foresters at the 
local community college, and can tell you that these guys are some of the 
most passionate environmentalists you will ever meet.  They go to such 
lengths as to send a crew in before they log to pick cones, then culture 
and replant the exact same genetic stock that came off the site.  Dan 
Newton (who has since moved over to Roseburg Lumber) says that every 
little valley has a unique genetic makeup that has adapted to the site 
over the course of thousands of years, and the native trees on a site 
just grow better there.  

The Forest Service deserves to get their weenies whacked on this one.  It 
is obvious that they hired a raft of new bureaucrats instead of hiring 
the scientists necessary to do the species surveys.  Unfortunately, the 
bureaucrats don't lose their jobs when they screw up.  It's the guys in 
the mill at Sun Studs and Roseburg Lumber that lose their jobs.

-- Larry

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