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Subject: LANDSCOPE: New Book on Tongass Reveals Forest Service  Corruption

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December 1, 1999

New Book on Tongass Reveals Forest Service Corruption

Running Wolf Press has published The Taking of the Tongass, a Forest 
Service whistle blower's account of agency abuses on the Tongass 
National Forest in Alaska.  The author, Bill Shoaf, was sent to the 
Tongass in 1990 to manage the largest timber sale in the nation at the 
time.  The Forest Service's "willful, deliberate decision to allow 
wildly unsustainable logging of the world's largest temperate 
rainforest," at the behest of the Ketchikan Pulp Company and the Alaska 
Congressional delegation caused Shoaf to challenge the agency's 
practices and the timber sale that he had helped design.

. . . The powerful pro-timber Alaska Congressional delegation continues 
to promote unsustainable logging on the Tongass.  Most alarming is the 
prospect that the Alaskan National Forests will be excluded from the 
Clinton Administration's Roadless Area Protection Policy due to their 
intervention.  For more information on The Taking of the Tongass visit  Visit Alaska Rainforest 
Campaign's website to support Tongass protection at or call them at 907/274-7247.

LEADERS URGE FOREST PROTECTION IN SIERRAS: More than 250 community leaders
have signed a letter to the Forest Service calling for 
preservation of old growth forests and roadless areas, and protection of 
rivers, streams and watersheds in the upcoming management plan for the 
Sierra Nevada region, according to Sierra Nevada Forest Protection 
Campaign.  The signers, including the CEO of Patagonia, a Vice President 
of Pacific Gas and Electric, and leaders in California's senate and 
assembly called upon the Forest Service to ensure the ecological 
integrity of the eleven National Forests in the region for the sake of 
the economy as well as the environment.  For more information contact 
Scott Hoffman Black at 916/442- 3155 or 
mailto:sierra_campaign at

"CLOSED" ROADS DAMAGING ECOSYSTEM:  A new report by Forest Guardians found
that less than 50% of 131 roads the Forest Service closed were 
actually closed.  These roads erode into streams and encourage vehicles 
and people to enter areas that should be inaccessible, bringing invasive 
weeds and other problems into as much as 5 million acres of New Mexico's 
National Forests.  The study calls for a halt to building of new roads, 
proven road closure practices and reductions in logging, grazing and 
motorized recreation. View the complete report at

GRIZZLY BEAR SLIDESHOW AVAILABLE: Alliance for the Wild Rockies (AWR) is
making available a presentation on grizzly bear recovery in the Northern 
Rockies.  The 45 minute slide show presented by longtime grizzly 
researcher Mike Bader features bear biology, threats to habitat and 
population recovery.  To schedule a presentation, contact AWR at 
406/721-5420 or mailto:awr at 

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