agroforestry question

Wed Dec 8 20:59:15 EST 1999

Iowa State Extension had a chart and short explanation that was
published in a farm journal about 15-20 years ago. Basically it showed a
decrease in yield next to the windbreak and and an increase in yield
about 3-5 tree heights out in the field. The increase more than offset
the decrease.
Our tenant has a yield monitor with GPS map making capabilities. These
new tools will greatly enhance research in this area. We have found
yield decreases next to timber areas even after root pruning. Other
areas don't have yield losses. My feeling is that losses are due to
water shedding by the trees which inundates the edge of the field.
Shading doesn't seem to be a factor. Trees with light canopies like
Black Locust don't seem to affect the crop. 

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