agroforestry question

Fri Dec 10 23:14:01 EST 1999

Regarding Joe's post on evapotranspiration causing yield loss. 
Previously this idea was one I also subscribed to along with fertilizer
loss and shading. It was only after many hours of study of the forest
edges on our farm that I became convinced that the excess of moisture
caused the yield loss. 
It seems we can have good yields next to timber if there is clear sky
directly above the plants and the canopy density of the adjacent timber
isn't dense. Maples and Osage Orange aren't good, Black or Honey Locust
is ok. 
Unfortunately moisture damage early in the crop's life, basically ruins
its chances for any yield later regardless of the weather or human
intervention. It's like once a runt always a runt.
Since we don't grow rice here I can't speak of that crop, only corn and

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