Druids, Trees, Etc

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Wed Dec 22 06:29:44 EST 1999

This winter solist is coincident with the full moon. A good time to be a
Karl Davies <karl at daviesand.com> wrote in message
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> Lewis Melville wrote:
> >         Scholars also believe that the tradition of hanging ornaments in
> > Christmas trees is derived from the Druid tradition of stringing the
> > entrails of their enemies, and other offerings, in the branches of
> > trees to appease the resident gods.
> Would those be Roman "scholars" by any chance? <G>  Or their intellectual
> heirs?
> > Stubborn pagans wouldn't give up the
> > practice when they converted to Christianity, so the Christians
> > incorporated it into their own ritual.
> Using pagan entrails instead? <G>

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