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Fri Dec 24 09:59:29 EST 1999

Karl Davies wrote:

> I poked around that OBOD web site and found that a big item on their
> agenda is what they call a Campaign for Ecological Responsibility.  See
>  Now how cool is that?  A
> religion/philosophy that puts ecology first?!

Probably communists and eco-terrorists. <G> That's what our great leaders of
the Soc. of American Foresters, Karl Wenger and Jim Coufal would call them.

The should grow up, get "saved", get a haircut and shave, join a country
club and the Republican party- buy a suburban house and a SUV and thus
become REAL Americans. <G>

> They're also into woodland management and tree planting!  See

Wow, real management? Don't they realize that clearcutting 10,000 acres at a
whack and high grading is the American Way? Landowner rights, ya know. <G>

> A (closet) Druid forester sent me the following link re solar and lunar
> calendars, tree alphabets, etc:
>  What did the Romans
> name their months after?  Gods and numbers, right?  I think I like trees
> better.

At least our days of the week are mostly named after Scandinavian pagan
Gods. <G>

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