Endangered Plants T-shirts - Discounted

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Fri Dec 24 13:19:19 EST 1999

Stephen M Jankalski wrote:

> Dear Joseph,
> Didn't you refer to the links for the rest of the story?
> Its an auction at Ebay not a discount offer.
> He's a spammer from the Marketing department at Earth Sun Moon Trading Co.
> not a representative from an environmental group.
> Here's the original posting.  Nowhere does it say the money will go toward
> protecting endangered species.
> Wake up and smell the hustle. In your zeal, you don't realize you are being
> had.

The guy's selling T-shirts- did he say anything about the profits going to
protect endangered species? And if the profits aren't going to endangered
species- it's still a cool idea to me to wear such a shirt- unless you have a
major problem with a guy selling such a shirt. Although it's a business so I
suppose it could be considered spam- I suppose also that some people in these
newsgroups might like such a shirt- these are enviro type newsgroups; so what's
the big deal?

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