Endangered Plants T-shirts - Discounted (not)

Stephen M Jankalski CEREOID at prodigy.net
Fri Dec 24 13:45:30 EST 1999

Dear Tim,

You misrepresented your posting by saying they are discounted when they are
not. Your offer is not a bargain. You are not selling them at cost. You are
still trying to make a profit from a bad deal.

As you know, many people in the newsgroups to which you sent your posting
have environmental interests and your posting is deliberately misleading.
Your original posting implied the purpose of selling the T-shirts was to
protect endangered species. Now you freely admit it is not.

Since you are a salesperson, you probably don't see anything wrong in that

Any way you cut it, its still SPAM.

Timothy B. Levine <hosstbl at yahoo.bloc.com> wrote in article
<3863B775.326887BB at yahoo.bloc.com>...
> Stephen M Jankalski wrote:
> > Dear Joseph,
> >
> > Didn't you refer to the links for the rest of the story?
> >
> > Its an auction at Ebay not a discount offer.
> I would consider it a discount.  We posted 13 of these shirts at $4.99 on
> Ebay.  If you follow the second you can get to all of them.  We don't
> any of them to sell for more than the opening bid.  I would have done it
as a
> dutch auction with a higher quantity, buy we just created the Ebay
account for
> the company and you have to be on 60 day or have a certain feedback
rating to
> do this.  These shirts were intended to sell for $19.99, so $4.99 would
be a
> sizable discount.
> >
> >
> > He's a spammer from the Marketing department at Earth Sun Moon Trading
> > not a representative from an environmental group.
> Christ, it's not like I sent you all e-mails. I made 1 post to seven
> targeted newsgroups containing people who may be interested and responded
> the replies.
> >
> > Here's the original posting.  Nowhere does it say the money will go
> > protecting endangered species.
> Why does it have to?
> >
> > Wake up and smell the hustle. In your zeal, you don't realize you are
> > had.
> How is it a hustle?  If you like the shirt get one and wear it, if not
> my post and move on.  In no way did I ever imply or even intend to imply
> this is anything more than a shirt that may interest the people you
> the newsgroups that I posted to.
> Tim

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