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Mon Dec 27 21:00:27 EST 1999

Larry Caldwell wrote:

> In article <3867EF94.88B7D941 at>, kegebein at
> writes:
> > Larry, please don't pick on the Nor'easterners
> Just picking on Zorzin, who seems to think his little back yard is the
> world.  Here in the PNW, forest management is generally very well done.

If you say so Larry.

> If the NE has a problem, it should be handled in the NE and not
> generalized to the whole US of A.

You dipshit- do you think I'm illiterate? Just because I don't spend much
of the year in the PNW, I'm incapable of reading what goes on in the rest
of the world? And do you think I'll only read SAF woodchuck propaganda?

> -- Larry

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