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Don Staples dstaples at
Wed Feb 17 15:27:06 EST 1999

Joseph Zorzin wrote:
> > Today a forester has little
> >      need for a horse and the safety
> >      officer is afraid he might cut
> >      himself with an axe.  Years ago
> >      most every forester wore a big
> >      Stetson hat and carried a gun on
> >      his hip and a flask in his pocket.
> Sounds like Don Staples. <G>

That's why levis have hip pockets.

> >      Nowadays big Stetson hats are
> >      worn only in the movies, and you
> >      hardly ever see a forester carry a
> >      gun.
> Except for Don Staples. <G>

Yep, if you have ever spent the better part of a morning looking down
out of your tree at that ol' tush hog rooten beneath you, or danced your
way across the top of a rattler, that little old pistol becomes somewhat
of a necessary evil.  Hogs, dogs, and snakes, the scurge of the southern

The more civilized climes of the Socialist Republic of Massachusettes
have probably outlawed anything that could possible harm a civilized
forester.  >G<  The DEM probably has rules and regulations to protect
their foresters for those 2 days a year they spend in the woods, and it
carries over, as a benefit, to the muddy boot clan.

Me, I like it wild.
Don Staples
UIN 4653335

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