Air Pollution and Northeastern Forests

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Mon Jan 4 23:57:02 EST 1999

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>>I heard yesterday that the Northeast governors and the Maritime premiers
>>had agreed last summer to cut emissions 50% by 2001 in order to
>>reduce the impacts on our forests.
>Turns out it was the New England--not Northeastern--governors and the
>premiers, and they agreed to a proposal--not a plan--and its goal is to
>emissions by 50% by 2010--not 2001.  Interesting how the grapevine works.
>For more information on this proposal, see
>  See especially Action Item 4:
>Forest Mapping Research Project.  So the governors and premiers agreed to a
>proposal to do more research.  Great.  Just what we need, another proposal to
>do more research.

Am I missing something here?  (Quite possible, since I haven't gone to the
citied site yet.) 

 How would an agreement to reduce emissions by officials of New England states
and the Maritimes contribute to any meaningful reduction in acid precipitation
anywhere on the east coast?  

I'm not saying it's not a good idea to reduce emissions, because the locals
would have cleaner air to breathe, and anything to reduce the greenhouse effect
is GOOD <IMO>, but what we in the east need is an agreement among the leaders
of MIDWESTERN states where the sulfur and nitrogen compounds that are damaging
forests in the east come from.



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