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Subject: LANDSCOPE, News and Views of American Lands, January 6, 1999

LANDSCOPE, News and Views of American Lands, January 6, 1999


A group of 27 companies including IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and Kinko's have
pledged to stop buying paper and wood products from old-growth trees.  The
pledge is the result of a campaign by the Coastal Rainforest Coalition to
protect rainforests in British Columbia by reducing markets for old growth
products.  To publicize the corporate action, CRC ran a full page
advertisement December 8 in the New York Times.  The ad mentioned several
companies who have refused to take a pledge to avoid old growth, including
Home Depot, AT&T, Wal-Mart and Home Base.  

 . . . where's the Clinton Administration?  They're lagging behind corporate
America in the effort to end the logging of old-growth.  While corporations
proclaim their refusal to buy old growth products, the Administration's
Northwest Forest Plan will throughout its life liquidate 42% of the
Northwest's remaining old growth, over 500 million board feet a year.  A
coalition of national environmental groups recently sent a letter to George
Frampton, CEQ Director, calling for an end to the logging of old growth
forests.  No response to the letter or a request to meet on the subject have
yet been received.  For a copy of the letter see 

VICTORIES: Nearly 300,000 acres of privately owned lands in New York's
Adirondack Park and northern Vermont and New Hampshire have been purchased
from Champion International.  The deal will add 29,000 acres of the most
sensitive areas involved in the sale to the state- owned park preserve. For
more information, contact the Northern Forest Alliance, 802/244-4988.

THREATS:  Northcoast Environmental Center is circulating a sign-on letter
from environmental, fishery and watershed activists to call for interim
water flows to protect salmon and steelhead in California's Eel River.  For
a copy of the letter see
Signons should go to nec at by Jan. 11.

RESOURCES: The Missoula Missoulian ran an editorial Jan. 3 titled "Some
Places Should Be Off-Limits to Vehicles" supporting the Lolo National
Forest's order to close nonmotorized backcountry areas and recommended
wilderness to motor vehicles.  Contact John Gatchell, Montana Wilderness
Association, for more information at mailto:jgatchell at

EVENTS: Today marks the inaguration of LANDSCOPE, replacing "Forest Focus"
as the news bulletin of American Lands.  LANDSCOPEwill feature a daily "top
news" item, followed by a quick analysis.  The remainder of LANDSCOPE will
be short news bits relaying information about and from defenders of wildlife
and wild places nationwide.

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