Request for Programming Recomendations

Don Staples dstaples at
Wed Jan 6 12:11:10 EST 1999

Thanks Karl, and Mike Hagen, ya'll came through.

KMorrisD wrote:
> Don Staples <dstaples at>
> >Species will include hard wood and soft wood trees, shrubs, vines, forbs
> >and grasses.  There in likes the rub.
> Don,
> Sounds like landscaping, not forestry.  I've heard of landscape design programs
> that do this sort of thing, simulations and all.  Maybe this is what they want.
>  You could toss in some bougainvillea, etc.  They'd love it. <G>
> You might also drop a line to the folks at FORS re
> whether there's any forestry software that might do the job.   And try
> searching for "landscape design software" with AltaVista.  Good luck, and watch
> what you say about Clinton with that crowd. <G>
> Karl

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