Audubon Tall deer tales

Ron Wenrich woodtick at
Thu Jan 7 17:01:53 EST 1999

dwheeler at wrote:

> From what I have read recently, deer are a MAJOR problem for eastern forests.
> It is possible to treat this problem effectively without directly killing the
> deer: a gentleman from Yreka, CA markets a biological deer deterent in a
> biodegradable container that will last for 2 years. What is it? Oil of
> garlic. Deer will not go within 100 feet of it.

I've seen areas where they have fenced the deer out, just to get the regeneration
started.  I'm not sure if the ownership was private or corporate.

> >
> There are species of truffle found with beech. Has anyone looked? These fungi
> may be more valuable than the trees themselves.

It wouldn't take much to be worth more than beech from an economic standpoint.
However, stands in the area of the Allegheny NF are excellent for black cherry.
Cherry timber can run up to $1500/Mbf.  But I would like to know more about the
associated beech truffle.


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