Are Pawlonia trees too good to be true?

Wudman69 wudman69 at
Fri Jan 8 09:51:34 EST 1999

>I've been reading some info on web pages about the Pawlonia tree and I'm
>wondering if it's really as good as it sounds. Theres got to be a
>downside to it but of course the promoters only tell you the pro's and
>not the cons. Can anyone enlighten me?
>Mike and Lorri Robinson	
>Monticello, GA

My OPINION on paulownia.....Paulownia is an extremely fast growing species
(fact) but it is rather site demanding.  It prefers cool weather on moist well
drained fertile sites.  The Asian markets will pay a premium for
Paulownia.......old growth quality paulownia.....not the stuff we can grow here
in the south. We've planted some expeimental stuff without too much success. 
Drying the lumber has been a bear.  Guess I could have made some Hula-hoops out
of the finished product.  I guess an option would be to finger join the product
for moldings, etc (wood is very light in weight).  Another thing, you have to
keep the competition out of your plantations (vines, weeds, brush, etc). 
Finally, we had a severe ice storm here over Christmas (Southeast
Virginia).......Paulownia now are tomato stakes......I don't think I have a
stem left intact.  I'll stick with growing pine.
One mans opinion......for what it's worth.

Jeff Watts  

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