The Disappearing Forest

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> >As Smith in Forest Crops put it so eloquently, first the saw, then
> >the plow, then move on when the soil is depleted.
> The title of the book is Tree Crops: A Permanent Agriculture by J Russell
> Smith, 1929 and 1950.  It's still in print.  See
> -8293052-5338613.  Unfortunately the review here is a lousy one.  This really
> is a wonderful book.  I can see I have a book review to write.  You may borrow
> the book from the Northern Nut Growers' library at
> if you're a member (worth the dues just
> for borrowing books).
> Karl Davies

Thanks for correcting me Karl. I think the ng would benefit from a review of
this book. I'm still amazed that it took an economist to show the importance
of growing trees.

Daniel B. Wheeler
"Before I criticize a man, I like to walk a mile in his shoes. That way, if he
gets angry, I'm a mile away and he's barefoot."

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