The Disappearing Forest

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Sat Jan 9 08:38:29 EST 1999

Gina Teo wrote:
> Many forest were destroyed each year and the forests are in danger of
> being lost forever.

Being cut and being destroyed are two different things. Being cut
properly is a good thing, it produces wood products while protecting the
long term productivity of the forest.

>   Poor people say ,"Cut, cut, cut, Save my people" as they need to sell
> the timber to get money otherwise they will die of hunger. Poor people
> will sell the timber to get money for their own people so that they will
> not die.

On my planet, poor people don't own forests. Rich people own forests.
Rich people want to cut more forests to get even richer; while paying
the poor people starvation wages in the "new world order" of free trade,
which really means "free labor".

>   Rich people say," Don't cut, don't cut, don't cut, Save the world",
> but in fact they were the ones who keep buying the timber to make
> furniture and other things for their own luxury. Rich people keep asking
> the poor not to cut down the forest to save the world but they keep
> buying the timber.
>  What's your opinion?

Wherever you live, first of all; protect the most scientifically
interesting forests. They will be worth much more in the long term for
science and as parks than getting cut for logs in the short term.

Then have the forests to be cut- cut PROPERLY- with professional
foresters in charge- in such a way as to avoid soil destruction- and to
get good tree growth for the future. You probably need to have good
forestry laws put into effect- which of course never happens because
politicians are mostly idiots and they are mostly owned by the rich.
It's the same problem everywhere, only the details are different.

Joe Zorzin
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