The Disappearing Forest

Jean Roy jeanroy at
Sun Jan 10 09:34:09 EST 1999

Lots of truth in what you wrote.  However, the picture is incomplete.  Wood
is most of the time the best option for construction, furniture, etc...
Without wood you'd have to rely on steel, concrete, plastics and similar
options that require lots of fossil energy to produce, that are non
renewable and in some cases that have little recycling potential.

Things would be a lot better if the message was "manage, manage, manage"
rather than "cut, cut, cut".

Wood is often the best option.  Let's just make sure that we do not run out
of it and that there is always enough wooded areas to sustain biodiversity.

Gina Teo a écrit dans le message <36974534.AD390D52 at>...
>Many forest were destroyed each year and the forests are in danger of
>being lost forever.
>  Poor people say ,"Cut, cut, cut, Save my people" as they need to sell
>the timber to get money otherwise they will die of hunger. Poor people
>will sell the timber to get money for their own people so that they will
>not die.
>  Rich people say," Don't cut, don't cut, don't cut, Save the world",
>but in fact they were the ones who keep buying the timber to make
>furniture and other things for their own luxury. Rich people keep asking
>the poor not to cut down the forest to save the world but they keep
>buying the timber.
> What's your opinion?

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