Audubon Tall deer tales

Sat Jan 9 23:57:48 EST 1999

The Berkshires is a little farther away than I'd like to walk. Now if I
was a deer it'd be a piece of cake.
I can't agree with you more about the size of these canines, they are
getting huge. Fortunately I don't think coyotes hunt in groups larger
than two and more often are solitary.
I was told once, by an "expert", that coyotes won't pursue healthy deer
to any great extent. This I believed until one summer day when I was
mowing weeds in a field. This large doe busted out of the brush into the
open field, stopped dead, looked left at me, then wheeled to her right
and sped off down the edge of the woods as fast as she could go. No
sooner had I thought "what the  heck got into her" than this coyote
rocketed out of the brush at the same  spot, hung a 90 degree right at
full speed, and went full tilt after her. That coyote had to be on scent
radar as the doe was out of sight by the time Wiley came out of the
brush. It was definitely a missed "kodak moment". 

I wonder if they understand "nice doggy" and "stay"? 


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