Audubon Tall deer tales

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Mon Jan 11 04:54:15 EST 1999

While I was ranting I meant to- but forgot to- mention my favorite
political web site by Roger Moore. He has made films and I think a TV
series exposing the corporate pigs and idiot politics of modern America.
To me he is a "working class hero"; no effete lefty intellectual snob
from Harvard. He's a big fat guy with a baseball hat that you might find
in any local bar slobbering down a beer. But I think he's the most
powerful anti corporate pig spokesman in the country. If you see his
films, you'll know what I mean.

His web site is

I suggest get on his mailing list.

A few months ago, he and his friends showed up in front of Ken Starr's
home dressed as Puritans. It was hilarious.

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