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ForestFair wrote:

> By the way, you forgot to mention why those PCBs are in the Hudson (and in your
> own state of MA) -- it's because GE (General Electric) released them into the
> river ... and are dancing around trying to avoid cleaning them up.
> They haven't convinced the people (or non-GE scientists) that natural
> bioremediation is working.  Wouldn't be surprised if they soon issue press
> releases saying that PCBs are good for us.

You haven't heard about the 250 million dollar "settlement" in
Pittsfield, MA?

GE denied the problem existed for decades. Denied that PCBs were
harmful. Denied that they buried the stuff. The state and federal EPA
and other enviro agencies DID NOTHING. The politicians DID NOTHING. For
years only those "ecofanatics" bitched and complained, over and over and
over. Then a few years ago people started finding barrels of the stuff
popping up in their back yards. Then some retired GE engineers spoke up
and admitted that VAST quantities of the stuff were buried all the city
of Pittsfield. Then GE admitted there was a SMALL amount, only after
some was found and of course said "there is no more"; until the next
cache was found. Little by little, the average citizen started getting
pissed off- like when it turned out that several of the city school
yards were filled with PCBs. Eventually the public got so pissed that
even the politicians and the enviro agencies HAD to do something. But
for a long time it seemed that these agencies and the politicians DID
NOT want to push too hard against GE; and they did so only when the
public was in a major uproar over this. I for one, wrote several
scathing editorials to the local newspapers about the weenie politicians
and agencies; ripping them to shreds; like the one that consisted of one
line only- "If the Warsaw Pact had done to Pittsfield what GE had done
to Pittsfield, it would have meant WWIII". I said that because it's now
believed that thousands of people have gotten cancer in Pittsfield
because of the PCBs, especially bladder cancer, including my
brother-in-law and the economy is in ruins, the population down by a

The people wonder why I have no respect for politicians and government
agencies. Now, the people along the Hudson have to get out there and
YELL LIKE CRAZY if you want to win the fight against the richest
corporation on the planet, GE, worth 300 billion dollars, far greater
than Microsoft.

And it's boss, Jack Welch- has made the company great by downsizing
350,000 people in his 17 years "leading" the company. He personally has
made hundreds of million in salary and profits from the company while
all those families suffer. Then a few years ago, Fortune magazine had
him on the cover as the #1 management hero in America. Hero? By
poisoning American cities and the Earth and rivers and causing massive
suffering to 300,000 families?

What has America come to when we make heroes out of such criminals? And
the politicians do NOTHING. They're cowards, they weenies, they're
bought out, they're idiots. We don't live in a free country anymore. The
politicians are just yuppie careerists and the agencies are useless- all
dictated to by the big corporations. The policitians aren't brave enough
to fight the big corporations that have devastated America. Instead they
they revel in Monicagate because they know America loves soap operas,
the modern version of the gladiators in the Roman coliseum.

> We've a beautiful river here with a devastated commercial fishing industry, and
> recreational fisherpersons (that one sure sounds odd) who can't partake of
> their catch.
> FF

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