President Clinton to Announce Open Spaces/Land Acquisition Plan

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Subject: President Clinton to Announce Open Spaces/Land Acquisition Plan

LANDSCOPE, News and views from American Lands - January 11, 1999

President Clinton to Announce Open Spaces/Land Acquisition Plan

President Clinton is expected to announce tomorrow a dramatic increase in
spending to preserve open spaces by expanding federal land purchases and
giving millions of dollars to states for urban parks and land conservation,
reports Associated Press.  The package is expected to include as much as
$1.5 billion for protecting farmland, forests and rangeland from
development.  The specifics will be unveiled as part of the President's
budget Feb. 1.

. . . This is an encouraging development as the Administration is making
final decisions on the FY 2000 budget.  A substantial increase in land
aquistion funds is long overdue and much needed to preserve threatened
habitats and help recover endangered species.  Other aspects of the budget
still remain unclear.  Earlier today, activists met with the Office of
Management and Budget who indicated that the Administration is aware of
opposition to increased spending for the National Forest timber program.
Final decisions on the Forest Service budget are expected to be made in the
next several days.  Please continue faxing information about problem timber
sales in your region to OMB's Elwood Holstein at 202/395-4639.

VICTORIES:  The Forest Service will discontinue its use of pesticide "2,
4-D" in combating the spread of the noxious weed tansy ragwort in Montana's
Flathead National Forest.  The Swan View Coalition has been opposing the use
of pesticides to treat the weed, which is believed to have been introduced
via logging machinery brought from Oregon.  Contact Keith Hammer at
mailto:redraven at or  406/755-1379 for more information.

Russia's Svetogorsk pulp and paper mill announced that it will permanently
phase out of the use of ancient forest wood in its production.  Mill
officials credit their decision to the detailed mapping provided by
Greenpeace and the Biodiversity Conservation Center that shows both the
decline and location of old- growth stands in Leningrad's forest areas.
Contact David Gordon, Pacfic Environment and Resources Center,
mailto:percsiberia at 

Nearly 200 red wolves will remain wild due to the defeat of a lawsuit
challenging the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's (FWS) red wolf
reintroduction program.  Defenders of Wildlife, acting on behalf of FWS,
successfully defended against two landowners and two North Carolina counties
in the lawsuit, which alleged that protection of the endangered wolves on
private property was unconstitutional.  For more information, contact Mike
Senatore, Defenders of Wildlife, 202/682-9400 or

THREATS: The Stanislaus National Forest plans to spray herbicide on more
than 5,000 acres on public land according to an alert from the Central
Sierra Environmental Resource Center (CSERC).   The spraying will take place
from  helicopters 100 feet from the boundary of Yosemite Park and by hand 10
feet from flowing water  To see the complete alert and to send comments go

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