Mike Hagen mhagen at
Tue Jan 12 12:52:34 EST 1999

Also tanzania.  When I was working there in the 70's a rhino wandered into a
field of pyrethrum, grazed contentedly, assumed the horizontal position and
dozed off for the rest of the day, keeping everybody out of the area.  It may
just have been a really slow hot day ...
Mike H

Tony Masefield wrote:
> Pyrethrums are available from Kenya. Suggest you contact their trade
> embassy. It's big business for them. They're produced from Chrysanthemums as
> stated. In actual fact there are six active "Pyrethroids" occurring in two
> groupings. They can be easily separated and identified by Gas Chromatograph.
> They're generally used in "non-toxic" contact and surface insecticides.
> However a synergist is sometimes also used in combination with pyrethrin
> which is not so environmentally friendly!

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