More Letter to the Editor: Growth/Overpopulation

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Tue Jan 12 13:45:02 EST 1999

On Jan. 5, 1999 The Oregonian ran an editorial called "Preserving qualities of
life." The following letters to the editor appeared on Jan. 10, 1999, p D4:

Who benefits from growth?

	Regarding the Jan. 6 editorial on growth ("Perspective please"), I
say: Hooey!  The only thing that thrives on unrestricted growth is cancer --
and we all know where that eventually leads. The editors' perspective is
understandably slanted toward encouragement of growth -- how else will they
manage to sell more advertising?   If the majority of jobs in Oregon pay less
than a living wage, and most communities cannot provide adequate
infrastructure now, how can one assume that the growth we've experienced so
far is beneficial?	Perhaps if we took a closer look at just who really
benefits from growth, we'd find the answer, and maybe even the solution.


Focus on overpopulation

	Regarding your Jan. 6 editorial on growth ("Perspective, please"), I
would ask your awareness of the fact that our world's most menacing problem
is overpopulation.     Hungry people deforest their land to plant
agricultural crops. Hungry homebuilders keep pressuring for more wood because
if you build it, they will come.       You say "...we simply have to deal
rationally with growth," and "what many fail to understand are the benefits
of growth," and "people with enough perspective will realize that it is far
better to put our energy into meeting those challenges than to put it into
counterproductive efforts to stop growth."	  You say we "aren't seeing
the big picture. What everybody needs as the new year begins is some
perspective."	 I think _you_ need some perspective.


Daniel B. Wheeler
"I like to walk a mile in a man's shoes before criticizing him. That
way, if he gets angry, I'm a mile away. And he's barefoot."

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