Are Pawlonia trees too good to be true?

David Oestreich dkoest at
Thu Jan 14 02:33:52 EST 1999

Paulownia Tormentosa (otherwise known as the Empress Tree) is a quick
growing tree, but is also a short-lived tree which may grow to 50 feet.  It
is easily grown from seed, but is quite hard to transplant and has an
extremely long taproot.  It is hardy from Zone 4 southward, but is often
frost blasted and damaged in the northern part of its range.

Robinson wrote:

> I've been reading some info on web pages about the Pawlonia tree and I'm
> wondering if it's really as good as it sounds. Theres got to be a
> downside to it but of course the promoters only tell you the pro's and
> not the cons. Can anyone enlighten me?
> Mike
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