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Fri Jan 15 20:33:14 EST 1999

Chris Tcimpidis wrote:

> Dear Colleague:
>  Please find the enclosed questionnaire concerning Forester Credentials in
> New York State.  I am asking you to take some time and answer these
> questions so that I can best understand the needs of our profession towards
> the licensing, registration or certification of foresters.  I will be
> representing these ideas and how they effect the forest technician in New
> York at the NYSAF Winter Meeting.
> I apologize for the length of the questionnaire, but I feel these questions
> are pertinent to the topic and will help me in representing us.
> You can email these questionnaires with your responses to :
>   ctcimpidis at or bforestry at
>   Chris Tcimpidis
>   Bevan Forestry & Forest Products
>   PO. Box 359
>   Livingston Manor, NY 12758-0359
> You may also contact me at (914)439-4909 if you have any questions or
> comments.
> Thank you for your time and cooperation.
> Sincerely
> Chris Tcimpidis
> Consulting Forester

> 1. What is the role of a Forester in today’s Forestry / Environmental work
> place?

Foresters are God's gift to forests; at least for enlightened
landowners. Also, we provide great roles models for children, being
brilliant, charming and good looking professionals who do cool work.

> 2. What is the role of the Forest Technician in today’s Forest/Environmental
> work place?

Kind of like the ante-bellum cotton picker, in the eyes of many; such as
most forestry bureaucracies and academics; who, knowing next to nothing
about "field work" just assume that any dummy can squirt paint on trees
and do other such field work; thereby demeaning the value of this most
basic of REAL forestry work and the most important.

> Does this role change with experience?
> If so why and how?

Each year in the field is like several years of forestry graduate
school, only better.

> 3. What are the differences that separate a Forester from a Forest
> Technician?

Uh.... advanced organic chemistry, and an air of superiority in our
class oriented society whereby trivial differences in one's resume,
items of little significance, result in an exaggerated sense of
importance- but then again, I guess everyone likes someone to look down

> 4. What qualities must a Forester possess to be competent?

He must HATE office work; especially idiotic office work of no value,
such as typical bureaucratic stuff in quintuplicate. He/she must be
extremely intelligent, have a strong healthy body, immune to bad weather
and insects, fearless of large predators, and not mind absurdly low pay-
and be able to speak in several dialects of the English language such as
1) big city, 2) logger, and 3) bureaucratese. Along with a vast amount
of charm and sex appeal; which are "de rigeur".

> 5. What qualities must a Forest Technician possess to be competent?

All of the above but with a lower level of arrogance.

> 6. With the appropriate training or on the job experience can one person,
> regardless of education, do either the job of a Forester or the job of a
> Technician?  Please explain your answer.

I do both, plus I'm the accountant, computer programmer, web designer,
general manager, sales rep, cook and bottle washer, and wit of the
Massachusetts forestry world.

> 7. If NYSAF (New York Society of American Foresters) forms a recommendation
> for a credential system of Foresters, who should be licensed, registered or
> certified under the credential system?  (Consulting foresters, Industrial
> foresters, Procurement foresters, etc.)

A forester is somebody who practices forestry. Any of those who practice
forestry should qualify. If all a guy does is buy timber, he isn't
practicing forestry, like all the higher up bureaucrats and professors-
THEY do not practice forestry, so they ARE NOT foresters, in my book.

> Why should or why shouldn’t these people be enrolled in such a program.

If they PRACTICE forestry, they should be enrolled, assuming they have a
forestry degree and some experience- but DOING forestry is what counts,
not talking about it.

> 8. Should the Forest Technician be included in a Credential System for
> Foresters?  Why or why not?

Sure, why not. I'm a socialist. <G>

> 9. Can Forest Technicians serve in the role of a Professional Forester,
> Forester, Consulting Forester, or a similar role? Why or Why not?

Well, eventually, I think 2 year forestry schools should all be shut
down. Four year schools should be the minimum, and maybe also the
maximum. There isn't much I have less respect for that graduate degrees
in forestry. But meanwhile, a 2 year degree plus a few years experience
qualifies someone to do forestry; more so than some PhDs I know.

> 10. Please state your job status and educational background
> Current Job Title: CEO of Zorzin & Assoc. Intergalatic Forestry Consultants
> Education: BS in Forestry, from Zoo Mass. in the year of Woodstock, more or less, who can remember that far back. As Robin Williams once said, "if you can remember the '60s, you weren't there."
> Other than Forestry Education: PhD, rocket science

Joe Zorzin

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