Need Info on Portable Bandsaw Mills

dwighthuddleston at dwighthuddleston at
Sat Jan 16 11:04:29 EST 1999

Some people buy the mill then build their own house. Call me crazy, but I've
decided to build the mill too! It's been alot of fun so far. I've completed
the trailer/frame and carriage assembly and I'm curently designing/building
the sawhead. I'd like to be able to use standard length blades that would be
readily available from a company such as WoodMizer, TimberKing, etc. For the
blade drive wheels, I'm planning to use the V Groove pulley design with
oversize belts for the blade to ride on. I'm trying to decide what diameter
pulley would be best to use. I'm thinking the larger diameter wheel (up to a
practical point) would probably result in longer blade life than a smaller
diameter wheel which would cause a sharper radius bend in the blade.

So, for all you saw owners out there, what diameter blade drive wheels does
your saw have? What length blades do you use? Do you use sources other than
your saw manufacturer for blades? If so why? (Price, Quality?) In your
opinion, am I correct in assuming that I would be better off sticking with a
standard length vs a custom length blade?


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