PNW Special Forest Products (SFPs)

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> > > Not really a forest product, at least not the liberty caps with
> > > which most would be familiar.  These aren't an economically
> > > important crop, I've never met anyone who's bought them.  You
> > > just pick them.
> >
> > You are right about the liberty caps.  They grow in cow pastures, not in
> > woods.  However, there is a more potent species called psilocybe cubensis
> > that grows nicely on alder chips.

There are other Psilocybes that grow well on the same substrate. However, they
are not in the PNW.

  I haven't heard of anybody producing
> > them commercially though.
Hmmm. I think there's a reason for that. ;)
> >
> > As far as a cash crop, teenagers on the coast often make spending money
> > by picking liberty caps on weekends.  It's strictly a local business,
> > since dairy farmers get so upset about random strangers irritating their
> > cows.
> >
> > -- Larry
> Do the cows eat them? <G>
> Of course they have no brain to start with, so no reason to worry about
> brain damage. <G>
That's a terrible slur on those poor innocent bovines.
> Ain't nuttin dummer than cows.
Uh, you haven't been around sheep much, have you?

The only reason coyotes haven't developed a sheep call is...they don't need

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