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> >>I believe that it was in one of Randal O'Toole's Different Drummers that I
> >read
> >>that in California, only about 5% of the acreage that the USFS claimed it
> >>replanted (after clearcuts) actually was replanted.  Yet somebody paid for
> >all
> >>that fictional replanting.  Guess who that was.
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> >5% seems wrong, the backlog certainly isn't 95% in Oregon (though
> >there's a considerable backlog).
> I loaned that Different Drummer to Joe, so I can't check the reference.  But as
> I recall, the USFS claimed to have replanted those areas.  So it wasn't an
> issue of their being backlogged.  Maybe Joe could check on that for us.

The survival rate for newly transplanted seedlings is between 85-95% for
fresh clearcuts. The survival rate drops quickly the higher the elevation
locally. Oddly in these areas seedings from nearby trees grow without
difficulty. This is another indication that the mycorrhizae appropriate
site/elevation/soil/slope/ competition is missing from the nursery stock.

> But the backlogging issue should be of concern too, especially in light of what
> Daniel Wheeler has told us about the time window for effective replanting.

The worst areas I have heard about (documented in several works by Chris
Maser and Michael Amaranthus) indicate even multiple attempts are
"reforesting" clearcuts over 2 years old at high elevation are mostly doomed
before planting.

> Maybe they should take some of that money they're siphoning off for state and
> private forestry and put it into replanting NOW. <G>
Or maybe Congress should be held accountable for the results.


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