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Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Sun Jan 17 04:49:54 EST 1999

Larry stamm wrote:
> Predictions of specific dire consequences from global warming are
> premature and reek of hubris, IMO. I think we need to be wary of any
> call for drastic social and economic actions based on predictions of
> future climate change. Much better arguments for managing our
> resources wisely can be based on moral and socio-economic grounds.
> Larry
> Larry Stamm
> http://www.mcbridebc.com/luthier

But as yet, I'm not aware of any DRASTIC actions called for. But, many
enviros have called for a LEVELING off of carbon release and even THAT
gets DRASTIC resistance. As usual with all environmentalist suggestions
over the past 50 years, they are ALL resisted- cleaner air and water,
cleaner food- you name it. The only way any of these laws ever got
through Congress was when the enviros gathered up enough political
strength to push them through. The resistors, the mega corporations,
always fought to the bitter end.

Just saw a film last night that sheds some light on corporations
resisting the truth in pollution. Watch "A Civil Action" a new film
staring John Travolta.

All the years of the 1990's have been the hottest years in the past
century. What more do we need to AT LEAST get a start on changing our
patterns? If we get started in the correct direction of slowing down the
increase of carbon release, once we convince the last rocked ribbed arch
reactionary stalwart, it will be easier to speed up the changes.

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