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>I read an interesting article which used ice deposits in the Hudson Bay to
>come to the conclusion that there is a pattern that follows a 750 year


Climatologists are aware of such patterns, and when analyzing current
trends and the impact of anthropogenic sources of CO2 and other
greenhouse gasses obviously take such things into account.

>I'm not saying that there isn't good reasons for reducing carbon emissions,
>or other green house gases.   But, I'm not quite ready to jump on the
>bandwagon that all climate change is caused by human activity.

No one claims that all climate change is caused by human activity,
so you'll fail in any attempt to find a bandwagon upon which to
jump :)

The question is whether or not current warming is in part, entirely,
or not at all positively influenced by anthropogenic sources of
these gases.  It is becoming increasingly clear that "in part" is
certainly true, which leaves us with "how much is due to our
activities" as being an important area of research.

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