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The attached message is a newsletter released by Randal O'Toole's
organization "The Different Drummer", concerning the "Forest Options
Group" which has some proposals for reforming the USFS. I suggest
reading the web site to learn more.

Both Karl Davies and I think highly of O'Toole's ideas for reforming the
USFS. Be sure to also look at "The Different Drummer" web site at
http://www.ti.org/. We tend to have some problems with his broader
political ideas, especially when he gets far away from the forestry
field. But I think his forestry reform ideas show some of the best
strategic thinking for the national forestry scene, compared to the
otherwise lobotomized forestry "leadership".

Perhaps it's something about the millennium that brings out new
thinking. It doesn't make sense to enter the third millennium using the
ideas of the nineteenth century. The current "para-military" or Soviet
style functioning of the USFS and many state forestry agencies has
failed. It's time for a change.

Some time real soon now, Karl will release an introductory message about
how the forestry laws of Massachusetts should be rewritten for the next
millennium. Actually, in lieu of ANY forestry leadership in the state of
Massachusetts he has already rewritten the laws, and which will be
posted on my web page. I'm sure you'll all be anxiously awaiting Karl's
message and the proposed new laws to see the future of forestry in

Joe Zorzin
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