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Sat Jan 23 13:47:43 EST 1999

Recently have been doing more research into SFP/NTFPs and am wondering: why
were these considered separate from timber?

I recognize that in the 80's the timber industry was concerned only with
extraction of wood, and could not be bothered with anything so seemingly
mundance as berries, roots, plants, or fungi. But with the recent data on the
value of fungi, medicinals and native plants as nursery stock, am wondering
why they are not simply lumped together as forest products? (I know many
timber companies consider timber the _only_ forest product.) In other words,
why the separate and "special" and "non-tradition" appelation? As for NTFPs,
what are the traditional forest products that are so necessary to separate
from the non- traditional? Are NTFPs in reference to Native American uses as
opposed to other uses?

Please also respond to poster, as I'd like to save these replies for future

Daniel B. Wheeler
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