Tulloch Rule (Wetlands)

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Sun Jan 24 11:36:25 EST 1999


> The "Tulloch Rule (Wetlands)" thread is dead.  Maybe it should now be the "I
> was unclear about what you were unclear about when I was unclear" thread?

And it would have died on it's own without paternalistic censorship.
I've been reading newsgroups for a couple years, hundreds of them and
this is the first act of censorship I've seen. Reminds of how the
weenies in saf-news locked me out, then no less than the President of
the SAF decided censorship has no place in saf-news.

Stuff that one person considers dumb or boring or churlish might be
important to someone else. That's what the history of censorship is all
about; somebody not liking what somebody else does like. I agree that
the thread got carried away, but I don't want to discourage Baccus as he
represents a view seldom seen in forestry, which is 99% propaganda.
Outsiders should be welcome and not discouraged just because they don't
follow the party line.

How difficult is it NOT read threads you don't like? A 3 year old could
be taught that. Don't read what you don't like. Censorship is for the
dead Soviet Union.

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