Respirometer for soil and plants

JanCzek janczek at
Sun Jan 24 14:34:05 EST 1999

Bacteria and Algae Respirometer
You may be interested in our  O2/CO2 Respirometer which may answer some of your
questions regarding biodegradability of hydrocarbons, plastics, detergents etc
as well as testing feasibility of variety of bacteria and "snake oil
bioremediation products". It allows modeling bioremediation process in the lab
in different temperature conditions. Due to its very high sensitivity (0.2
ugO2/h) it will measure rate of biodegradation ( and chemical oxidation) of
very slow processes.  Beside bioremediation it can be used in any other
application where you need to mesure  respiration. Beside measuring oxygen
consumption it can also measure, with optional additional gas analyzers, CO2 ,
CH4,H2S, H2, NH3 production in 1 to 80 measuring chambers which can be user own
If you need more information and application notes please e-mail to:
janczek at

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