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Joseph Zorzin wrote:

> Ron Wenrich wrote:
> >
> > I'm not saying that there isn't good reasons for reducing carbon emissions,
> > or other green house gases.   But, I'm not quite ready to jump on the
> > bandwagon that all climate change is caused by human activity.
> >
> > RDW
> With the population of the world rising exponentially and economic
> activity growing with it- if the problem is real, by waiting too much
> longer to at least slow down the increase, it may be too late. This is
> an issue that must be dealt with soon. Do we wait another 50 years when
> the population of the world has tripled?
> To at least stop the increase in carbon emissions in the short term
> seems a wise move given the consequences if global warming is true.
> Sit in your car on a summer day with the windows up. But first, release
> some CO2 into the car- say, double it. Then report back in a few hours,
> if still alive.
> We've got to stop paving over more of the planet, stop wasting
> resources, build mass transportation, invest all that military money
> into education, health care and the environment- and build a better
> civilization.
> Oh, but that would KOMMUNISM,

I haven't yet heard of a communist country caring a whit about the long term
health of the environment (or its people).

> and it might take away the right of 5% of
> the people to have 95% of the wealth. What a terrible crime that would
> be- for the wealth of the planet to be distributed to the people of the
> planet- the human family- who own the earth- actually they don't own
> earth- we're just one species who should steward the Earth for all of
> us; and thereby live up to the Christian principles that we love to brag
> about in theory, but not practice.

  If 95% percent of Americans (myself included) strive to own a pittance of the
"wealth", I say let them!  I certainly don't want big brother to force money down
my throat.  In the long run, I'm sure it would only hurt my decendents.  Didn't
Christ ask that we VOLUNTARILY give up our wealth (all of it).  I don't think he
promoted whacking people with the stick and taking it away from them --
especially if the money just funnelled into the black hole called US Government
instead of actually doing some good (like feeding the poor, or planting a tree).
If anybody should know how ineffective big brother is (based on your experience
with MA) it should be you.

Best regards.

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