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Mon Jan 25 16:54:49 EST 1999

We're seriously considering reintroducing a few wolves to the Olympic
National Park and nearby west end lands. All public meetings so far have
been orchestrated anti-wolf events so the local paper decided to print
the survey, so "normal" residents will have a chance at representation.
I just filled out a fairly positive opinion on mine. 

This area has a pattern of hysterical over reaction to ANY gummint
involvement and a history of repeated panic wildlife management. Witness
the recent embarrassing fiasco over ridding the Olympic Park of Mountain
Goats. Demonstrations, crying women, helicopter borne vasectomy crews,
and years spent hunting the dreaded billies out of every remote crag in
the park.

Now with a ban on hound hunting, we've got an expanding cougar
population AND a bounty of deer. And a proposal from our Congressman,
Norm Dicks, to bring wolves back. As a timber cruiser and river
restoration consultant, I admit I'll be on my toes when next I see a big
dog out in the sticks, but I sort of like the idea. Frankly, I think
wolves might thin the deer herd to a more healthy population and as far
as elk go, poachers are a far bigger problem.  
So, you folks back east..  Want some wolves for your deer problem?
Mike H.

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> > > >> From what I have read recently, deer are a MAJOR problem for eastern forests.
> > > >> It is possible to treat this problem effectively without directly killing the
> > > >> deer: a gentleman from Yreka, CA markets a biological deer deterent in a
> > > >> biodegradable container that will last for 2 years. What is it? Oil of
> > > >> garlic. Deer will not go within 100 feet of it.
> > > >
> > >
> > > I'm sick of this 'deer are a major problem' and 'bears kill X $ worth
> > > of trees'.  In my opinion, if you want to solve the deer problem,
> > > shoot the foresters.
> > >
> >
> > Deer are a natural part of the environment in western forests. But they are
> > browsers and are not typically found under full-canopy forests except for
> > cover in extreme weather. Why? Cougars like full-canopy cover.
> >
> > As for deer being a problem, overpopulation can be a problem with any animal.
> > Whether it is man, deer, lemmings or rats.
> ... and unfortunately, overpopulated deer won't just jump off the cliff to take care
> of their situation as do lemmings.  Wait!!!  Maybe that is why they run into so many
> vehicles (>50,000 reported annually in MI, PA, and NJ).  How noble.  Maybe the animal
> rights activists are right when they attribute full human emotion and scientific
> thought to deer.  At worst case, I'm sure that deer are more intelligent than the ARA
> themselves.
> >
> >
> > On the east coast, deer populations have boomed, even as the forests have
> > increased. Why? Deer are browsers: they eat shrubs, undergrowth and forbes.
> > But population pressures will cause them to eat the cambium of trees if they
> > can. As you would if you had to.
> >
> > Clearcutting in the last 150 years has increased the deer and elk populations
> > while decreasing the population of animals dependent on older, established
> > forests. If you wish to rant about it, rant about the Congressional delegates
> > who authorized the Forest Service and BLM to overcut. But you might also want
> > to rant about the state laws which nearly force private property owners to
> > cut all trees to pay for estate taxes after their death.
> Federal laws, too.  Michigan Gov. Engler abolished the state death tax a few years
> back.  Why?  Because it is wrong.
> >
> >
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