Scientists Find Serious Holes in Habitat Conservation Plans

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> Hey Steve,
>   If I wanted to subscribe to your newsletter, I would. Why don't you NOT
> waste the bandwidth and make this newsletter voluntary, you know, like make
> it MY choice to regularly get your newsletter?

In part because we asked him to continue posting them.  Its helpful to hear all
sides of various issues.  If you see flaws in his letters or opinions, you're
more than free to poke holes in it.  If fact, I'd appreciate not only
continuing reading Steve's posts but also seeing critiques against it.  That is
what intelligent debate is all about.  Right?  Maybe in the process we can
learn something.

>   It's sure easy for you to poke holes in an HCP, and this is nothing more
> than Monday morning quarterbacking. You have no clue what it would be like
> getting something done when you have to get EPA, DFG, FWS, WQCB, CDF, NMFS
> to approve your actions. They have no mandate to act

> in a timely nor
> scientifically (peer-reviewed) responsible manner.

Description of government (US Fed) to a tee!

> You really need to get
> out of DC and back into the real world!
> Good luck.
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