deer tales or wolf stories

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Tue Jan 26 02:58:50 EST 1999

Mike Hagen wrote:

> Now with a ban on hound hunting, we've got an expanding cougar
> population AND a bounty of deer. And a proposal from our Congressman,
> Norm Dicks, to bring wolves back. As a timber cruiser and river
> restoration consultant, I admit I'll be on my toes when next I see a big
> dog out in the sticks, but I sort of like the idea. Frankly, I think
> wolves might thin the deer herd to a more healthy population and as far
> as elk go, poachers are a far bigger problem.
> So, you folks back east..  Want some wolves for your deer problem?
> Mike H.

Here, the coyotes seem to be getting bigger and bigger every year.
Within a few years they'll morph into wolves.

We don't yet have too many deer in Mass. We have a plentiful population
of hunters to prey on them.

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