Uh, speaking of property rights...

DVK dvank at michweb.net
Tue Jan 26 09:38:55 EST 1999

OK, how 'bout a repost, Karl (or email me).  I'll be glad to critique it
from a landowner's point of view (one who is moderately knowledgeable on
silviculture -- at least according to my state forester and the consultant
that I've so far interviewed).


Joseph Zorzin wrote:

> Joseph Zorzin wrote:
> > ForestFair wrote:
> >
> > >
> > > In today's vernacular, negativism "sucks."
> >
> And I might add, that whenever either Karl or I write a "high level"
> essay few if any people ever respond; which was the origin of this
> thread- Karl pointed out that nobody responded to his message about
> forester licensing and property rights.
> And nobody has responded to Karl's comments on the current Mass.
> forester licensing which I have on my web site, nor on his ENTIRE
> rewrite of the Mass. forestry laws. Too sophisticated for ya?
> But, whenever the discussion "gets down" then people do indeed respond-
> the way the American people have loved the Clinton impeachment and the
> OJ trial. Clinton has also written some high level stuff than nobody
> ever reads. Perhaps most Americans just love to grovel in the sewer then
> complain about what they find there. Perhaps you should try responding
> to some of our more sophisticated stuff, if you dare. Get the point?

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