Uh, speaking of property rights...

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Tue Jan 26 03:30:48 EST 1999

Joseph Zorzin wrote:

> ForestFair wrote:

> >
> > In today's vernacular, negativism "sucks."

And I might add, that whenever either Karl or I write a "high level"
essay few if any people ever respond; which was the origin of this
thread- Karl pointed out that nobody responded to his message about
forester licensing and property rights.

And nobody has responded to Karl's comments on the current Mass.
forester licensing which I have on my web site, nor on his ENTIRE
rewrite of the Mass. forestry laws. Too sophisticated for ya?

But, whenever the discussion "gets down" then people do indeed respond-
the way the American people have loved the Clinton impeachment and the
OJ trial. Clinton has also written some high level stuff than nobody
ever reads. Perhaps most Americans just love to grovel in the sewer then
complain about what they find there. Perhaps you should try responding
to some of our more sophisticated stuff, if you dare. Get the point?

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